New Alphanaut Single "Life on Mars?" Releasing August 26, 2014

Available now on iTunes
Life on Mars? - Single - Alphanaut

The new single "Life on Mars?", which is a cover of the classic 70s anthem by David Bowie is now available on iTunes, Amazon and all other digital retailers. Members of my mailing list will receive a complimentary download of "Life on Mars?" the day of the release, so if you sign up for my newsletter now you'll be getting the tune for free!

David Bowie has always been one of my musical heroes. As a matter of fact, the first record I ever purchased with my hard earned allowance was his album "Heroes". That record along with "Low", "Lodger" and "Scary Monsters" left a huge impression on me and the way I approach song writing. "Life on Mars?" with its enigmatic lyric, is a song I've dreamed of covering it for quite some time, but it never seemed to fit into any album until now. After working on it and the other ten songs from the new album, I am thrilled that its nearly time for them to find their way in the world!

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