"Unnecessary Soldier" Review on Coming Up Mag

Being set in a trance is nothing to be surprised by when listening to music. It happens more often than not and that’s all I can say about Alphanaut’s latest single “Unnecessary Soldier.” When I hear something is pulling from electronic and pop, I expect this upbeat music that transports me to a rave setting. Nevertheless, I was wrong because instead Alphanaut gave me the mature raver. The club kid who’s grown up a bit and doesn’t stay out until 4am…all the time, but rather the one who can sit at home and really appreciate the sounds escaping their stereo. “Unnecessary Soldier” plays with a sense of surrealism.

Each line layered over the last like a dream, capturing every ounce of the listener’s attention until they’re in a musical daze. It’s no surprise though as Alphanaut’s leading man, Mark Alan, is a musician’s man – pulling from modern electronic tendencies that made David Bowie the mainstay he is today. It’s about finding the balance between the club and the charts; electronic and pop. Alan’s found it and he’s bound to continue to make waves in this world because of it. He can go either way; making club goers smile as well as being the soundtrack to a nice, chill night at home.

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