"Electricity" Review on Backseat Mafia

Working with a revolving cast of friends has meant that often songwriter Mark Alan has traversed a wide range of musical styles over his career under his Alphanaut moniker. He’s firmly entrenched in Synth-Pop with his latest effort, Electricity – taken from his forthcoming third album ‘Meanwhile back on Earth’.

Sounding almost quintessentially English, something of a feat for the Washington native, he’s got this sweetness, these 80′s jumper around the neck sort of sound that ran through the likes of Tears for Fears work back then. It also has the killer melody and plenty of soul (abley provided by former Spinners backing singer Angie Whitney) that soaked through the 80s, along with this rather sultry bassline.

Its a great big synth-pop sized comfort blanket, and we like it. A lot.

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