"Meanwhile Back On Earth" Reviewed on Selective Memory

Mark Alan has spent years refining his smooth-tongued vocal elegance that dominates the approach to everything that he, as Alphanaut, has done. When you listen to Alan’s prowess, you cannot help but place him among the great crooners of the late 20th Century: Roddy Frame, Bryan Ferry, David Bowie. One of his breakthroughs as Alphanaut was his cover of “Life on Mars.” The rendition took off through the Internet universe and gave many of us a first taste into how Alan weaved electronics to accentuate his vocal work, all while paying homage to one of his favorite rock stars. A musician who started in the Seattle pre-grunge scene to various Los Angeles rock bands, 2016 is the year Alan has done something unique to his music career, he made the best pop album he can. 

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Andrew Duncan - Selective Memory Magazine

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