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Sleep Spun Brown

Guest Musicians

Chavo Villanueva - Guitars and Ebow
Ted Scarlett - Piano
Drums - Alberto Campos
Bass - Art Agonod

Song co-written with Cobban Barnett

Sleep Spun Brown Rehearsal

Guest Musicians

Chavo Villanueva - Guitars
Ted Scarlett - Piano
Drums - Alberto Campos
Bass - Art Agunod

Vocal Session

Recorded at
Stagg Street Studios,
October - November 2010

Didgeridoo with Barry Martin

Barry Martin of LA Outback, plays didgeridoo on an ambient piece titled "AL 424-15", released as a bonus cut to the "Never Been To Athens" single.

Guitars with Ted Scarlett

This is the second set of guitar sessions for "Out of Orbit" album. In this clip Ted Scarlett is laying down guitar ideas for "Safe and White", the second cut on the album.

Guitars with Chavo Villanueva

In this clip shot for the full length album "Out of Orbit" guitar player Chavo Villanueva are working our ideas for the song "Timid Creature", the album's opening cut.

Piano with Larry Kutcher

Larry Kutcher lays down piano on three songs for the "Out of Orbit" album, including on the single "More Than I Do".

Trumpet with William Bing

William Bing lends the perfect laid back jazz style to the song which combines broken electronic rhythms and astral sounds.

Bass with Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Roberts plays both upright and electric bass on lending a jazzy vibe to the drums, percussion, electronic beats and sound effects already recorded.

Percussion with Jorge Villanueva

Jorge Villanueva on percussion, tracking elements on a song titled "Timid Creature" the lead in track to the Out of Orbit.

Drums cont. with Jorge Villanueva

Jorge Villanueva warms up on a vintage Gretsch drum kit providing a foundation of sequenced electronic tracks.

Drums with Jorge Villanueva

Alphanaut's first day in studio tracking drums and percussion for "Out of Orbit". Jorge Villanueva who bangs the skins, elevating the tunes to another level.