From the recording On Some Planets This Is Pop

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She haunts him with her innocence
Hopeful heart and lit-up face
Adulthood has battered and bruised her
Running with rats in a race

She hovers above and around him
Longing and lost in the rush
Pushed aside and forgotten
Like a heart left in the rain to rust

Go to the ghost
Go back and find her
Back to the hopeful little girl
Help her find her place in this world

He haunts her with his innocence
Hopeful heart and curious mind
Time and miles wore down the dreams
Too much ugliness made him blind

He hovers above and around her
Asking to reunite
Still has hopes for the future
For ways to turn dark into light

Go to the ghost
Go back and find him
Back to that hopeful little boy
Help him find the light in his joy

One ghost dreams, one ghost fades away
One ghost now, one ghost yesterday