From the recording Out of Orbit

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Programming - Mark Alan
Drums - Jorge Villanueva
Bass - Ryan Roberts
Guitars - Ted Scarlett


I'm a man of many words
Though few have been said
I viewed them all perspectively
But hid them away in my head

I've never been to Athens
I've never been to Rome
Never been anywhere that ever felt like home
I never had a compass to show me the way
To the safety of your arms

Tethered to the Earth
In the shadow of my fears
I may have smiled
But I never met their eyes in twenty years

I've never been to Athens…

The wind rises and carries me
To the places I'd dreamt I'd be
I close my eyes, strengthen ties
And see your eyes right in front of me

I've never been to Athens…

I've never been to Venus
I've never been to Mars
I've never been some place
With so many stars
I drift of towards them
And find my own way
Can you see me, can you see me