From the recording Meanwhile Back on Earth

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Mark Alan - Programming, Keyboards & Vocals
Ted Scarlett - Programming & Guitars
David Santos - Backing Vocals

Written and arranged by Mark Alan


Take a walk around the block
Or Sunday jaunt from sea to sea
Keep the blinds while taking stock
From the land that we call liberty

Rusting signs forgotten streets
Sleepy little factories
Now there’s only slot machines
Where the Thunderbird used to be

Is this my country
Is this my town
Has all common sense
Gone under ground
I’ve been blind
But now I see
From my back yard
Down to Timbuk-three

Trading in your neighbor’s homes
For another pack of pocket drones
Politicians on their knees
Running with the circus fleas

You can bank it on a magazine
The taste of strawberries and gasoline
A little luck you’re running in the maze
Well it’s a funny place for holidays

Is this my country…

Well it’s so very nice
Out here in paradise
Come on and roll the dice
Welcome to paradise

Is this my country
This is my country
Welcome to my country