From the recording Meanwhile Back on Earth

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Mark Alan - Programming, Keyboards & Vocals
Jorge Villanueva - Drums
David Santos - Backing Vocals

Written and arranged by Mark Alan


In the hallway there are foes
Where pride degrades to blows
There’s writing on the wall
And no one sees you fall
Those watercolor days
Brush back into a haze

You’re more than what lies
In someone else’s eyes

Because no one’s normal
No one’s ever been
There’s never black and white
Only in-between
So live inside of you
Defining what is true
That no one’s normal

Upended and unfriended
But inside still transcendent
Turn your back to it all
To the words upon the wall
Can’t put circles into squares
To make them fit in

Normality spies
Through rose colored eyes

Because no one’s normal…

Soon high school days will fade
Your place in the world be made
A chance to rise above it all
Erase the writing on the wall
Some things can be exchanged
But kindness isn’t one of them

Because no one’s normal…